broadside poster

sept 2017


Our Typography II class collaborated with SDSU's English and Comparative Literature


Department on this Poem Broadside project. Our goal was to successfully design a given


poem in a creative and conceptual manner utilizing the broadside format. 


This multi-page bounded narrative + specimen book is constructed like a planner to represent


the idea of collections in regards to stationery products. The typesetting used throughout the


entire narrative is Futura, a typeface designed by Paul Renner. All images were taken with a


Canon Rebel T3i digital camera to which they were then process in camera raw, edited on


Adobe Photoshop CS6 and placed in Adobe Indesign CS6. The  pages of this book were printed


on 32 lb paper and were cut, hand-folded and adhered with a permanent  adhesive to white


faux leather cloth and wrapped with a cover slip.